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Impact Is Imperative

Exceptional care is taken to ensure maximisation of delivery through minimisation of operational costs. Over 93% of donations we receive go directly to on-the-ground efforts. All of our staff are volunteers and we don’t have a permanent office to avoid unnecessary costs. Transparency is extremely important to us. We work to ensure you can give with the knowledge that you are making a true difference to the world. 

Giving Options

Helping when communities need it most

We often think about the infrastructure and accessible food and water when a crisis happens. But the emotional well-being and access to family services is equally important as a community re-builds. Be there when they need you most.

Give a One-Time Gift

While we love to have long-standing relationships with our donors, one-time donations allow us to keep doing amazing work around the world.

Choose a Specific Fund

If a specific project has inspired you, let us know. We’ll make sure your donation goes to the cause that makes your heart sing.

Gift Giving

Use your birthday for good and consider starting a birthday fundraiser for The Anita Mendiratta Foundation on social. Get in touch if you need advice on getting one started.

About Your Donations, Where & How They are Used

Over 93% of your donation will go directly to our projects around the world. AMF was started to make a difference, and we keep running costs as low as possible to make the biggest difference possible when you donate. There are no salaries, no office utility bills, all of our efforts go towards the people who need it most.

Get Involved.

We can’t do our work without your support. Please get in touch to discuss how we can make a difference together.