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Our Mission

As officially outlined in the Charitable Objects of THE ANITA MENDIRATTA FOUNDATION, the Foundation focuses on “sustaining the advancement of education in developing communities around the world with the aim of remobilisation of communities when they are in recovery stage following crisis events (i.e. natural disaster, terrorism, social unrest).
Countries of emphasis will be those where the tourism sector contributes significantly to the national economy and identity. This will be done through, inter alia, working in cooperation with on-the-ground organisations in the community or region affected by a crisis event to rapidly support reactivation of initiatives that directly impact children and their families in particular, but without limitation.”

Our aim is to identify people and projects in need of support for local community rebuilding of childcare post-crisis. This has been chosen as, while in the immediate phase after a crisis aid agencies and other entities go in to provide core infrastructure, the social fabric of local communities is often kept as secondary priority, with education programmes having to wait, which means people are left waiting for a sense of routine, a sense of stability and a sense of value. In so doing the AMF will not only work to sustain education programmes of some of the youngest members of the community, it will help free from disruption and fear the hearts and minds of their families, and the wider community, thus enabling hope and momentum of daily life to return sooner.

Why Tourism?

Did you know that one in every ten jobs is in the tourism sector? When a crisis hits, the tourism industry is often where much of the impact is felt.

We work in countries where tourism plays a vital role in the economy and livelihood of local people. Helping people feel secure, safe, and ready for when the tourists come back again.

Our Approach

Long-term sustainable development is at the heart of what we do. We think its important to not only show up, but stay around. Working with local partners and trusted organisations on-the-ground,  our projects are lead by the communities we work with.

Founding of the anita mendiratta foundation

Officially registered with the UK Charity Commission

The work begins identifying and supporting communities in crisis

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